Juan Carlos is han excellent Spanish teacher– the best I’ve had. I’ve taken years of Spanish in school, and traveled/lived abroad, but still don’t have the fluency that I should after so long. His teaching strategy has hugely helped me to better understand the fundamentals of the language (which I have memorized for many tests, but don’t implement well in conversation). All of our communication is in Spanish, and he makes me record our classes on my phone so I can listen to them later. Many times, class just feels like a long, candid conversation, but I end up learning a lot and practicing the new things I’m learning throughout. I’ve only taken privates with Juan Carlos, but I highly recommend him as a teacher! – Craig C. New York, NY –

I booked a trip to Costa Rica and decided to “brush up” on my Spanish before I went.  I found Olehola when googling Spanish classes on the UWS.  The free introductory lesson confirmed my suspicion: whatever small degree of  fluency I had 20 years before had evaporated.  I signed up for private lessons twice a week for the 2 months before I left.  I was amazed at how much I learned in that time.  I was able to function very well in restaurants, stores and  basic conversations.  I could order, ask directions and questions AND understand the answers.

I have continued my lessons because I enjoy them.  I’ve been studying with Juan Carlos for over a year now.  I’m happy with his approach and my progress.  I like the privatae classes as I have to be alert; there’s no one else to pick up the slack.  I have to think and speak.  Each class has a focus – a verb tense, a point of grammar and there is a workbook with exercises which reinforces the topics.  Now that I am more fluent we spend more time in general conversaiton – talking about food, cooking, my work, films, books – normal conversations.  No discussions about the locations of pens and pencils.

If you are studying Spanish for the first time or want to build on your current level, check out  It is near the W 72nd St. subway; scheduling is flexible, rates are reasonable and Joan Carlos and his staff are good teachers.  It’s a very comfortable and friendly environment. – Shannon R. New York, NY –

I have worked with a number of Spanish instructors here in NYC and my best experience was working with Juan Carlos from OleHola.  OleHola is not like your average high school or college spanish class. Juan Carlos has developed lessons that help you understand the language.  Classes are focused on learning and practice, rather than memorization.  Juan Carlos is professional, timely, and gregarious.  My Spanish skills improved rapidly while I was working with JC.  He is very organized and he tracks your progress from session to session.  I recommend OleHola to anyone who really wants to improve their knowledge of Spanish. – Phil C. Manhattan, NY –

I have been studying Spanish off and on for many years, and have had several types of learning situations. Even after years of starting anew as a beginner – or sometimes “advanced beginner” – I never felt like I was making much progress.  In my work with Juan Carlos I have begun to feel more confident that learning Spanish is within my grasp.  The method that Juan Carlos uses is a combination of listening, reading, and speaking. All lessons and conversations are conducted in Spanish and I am continually amazed that when Juan Carlos speaks with me he sounds like he could be speaking with someone who actually speaks Spanish. I tape our lessons, and am charged with listening to the lessons during the week.  As he said would happen, I notice that my engagement in the lesson is noticeably improved week by week,, and I am able not only to understand our conversations, but to participate in them.   We chat about whatever we like for part of the lesson; review the homework assignment; and learn the topic for the day.  When I leave the lesson, I find that I’m thinking in Spanish for a while.  This is the first time I’ve taken lessons that I want to continue~ usually I begin to feel hopeless after a few months and drop out.  I recommend Juan Carlos to anyone.  He is a good teacher and he clearly enjoys his work! -Judy P. Manhattan, NY –

Fun way to learn A new language.  You’ll be speaking Spanish with the very first class.
-Shelly A. – New York, NY-

Juan Carlos is an amazing teacher and a delightful person! I did a 2-person class and a 4-person class with him. If you can afford to do private or 2-person, you get a lot more attention and are able to set your pace. They use an immersion style of teaching, and all the materials were very helpful.  -Monika G. – Broolyn, NY-