Review by Judy P. – Manhattan, NY

I have been studying Spanish off and on for many years, and have had several types of learning situations. Even after years of starting anew as a beginner – or sometimes “advanced beginner” – I never felt like I was making much progress.  In my work with Juan Carlos I have begun to feel more confident that learning Spanish is within my grasp.  The method that Juan Carlos uses is a combination of listening, reading, and speaking. All lessons and conversations are conducted in Spanish and I am continually amazed that when Juan Carlos speaks with me he sounds like he could be speaking with someone who actually speaks Spanish. I tape our lessons, and am charged with listening to the lessons during the week.  As he said would happen, I notice that my engagement in the lesson is noticeably improved week by week,, and I am able not only to understand our conversations, but to participate in them.   We chat about whatever we like for part of the lesson; review the homework assignment; and learn the topic for the day.  When I leave the lesson, I find that I’m thinking in Spanish for a while.  This is the first time I’ve taken lessons that I want to continue~ usually I begin to feel hopeless after a few months and drop out.  I recommend Juan Carlos to anyone.  He is a good teacher and he clearly enjoys his work! -Judy P. Manhattan, NY –