Priva​te & Corporate Classes


Charters are for colleagues from the same company, for married couples, or just for friends that want to take classes on their own premises.


Study Abroad

Perú has been the focus of Spanish Studies for many years.
If you need to take Spanish to improve it, for a Mastery of the Spanish language or for traveling,
Perú is the right place for you. Visit Perú with an open mind and heart. You’ll find yourself captivated as much by the warmth and spirit of the peruvians as you are fascinated by their land.   

The Program
Intensive and individualized one-on-one instruction. This ensures that you will receive the attention and practice required to truly learn the Spanish language.   


Need to pass a test or work on is there a specific part of Spanish you’re having trouble with? This program is design for those students taking Spanish lesson, whether in junior, high school or college level. Moreover, we provide 24 hours e-mail support for all our students.


Language Interaction  is proud to offer a special journey to Cusco, Machu Picchu, and the towe- ring Andes Mountains.  The most magnificent archeological sites in the New World, the Peruvian Andes is home to dramatic colonial architecture, exotic wildlife, and countless, steep, snow capped mountains.  See Machu Picchu, the ancient religious center or the Inca Empire, as well as villages of modern-day descendants of the original Inca and Spanish setters.

online classes

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